Many Congratulations and be Prosperous


Tis the season to be jolly. The year of the rooster is upon us. Merry Cockmas!

I’ve always felt a little hard done by when it comes to the Chinese Zodiac. I was born in 1986, the Year of the Tiger – not a bad animal to have – but as a January baby my birthday fell a week before that year’s Lunar New Year, meaning I just squeaked into 1985: The Year of the Ox. The plodding, stubborn, load-bearing Ox. Add to that my ‘Western’ zodiac sign – Aquarius, the water carrier – and my assigned profile couldn’t be more menial or dull unless it wore dungarees and steel-capped boots.

In addition, every year is assigned one of five elements… Fire, Metal, Water, Earth and… Wood. I’m a Wood Ox. Some people are Fire Dragons, or Metal Tigers (a 3rd-rate glam act if ever there was one). Even a Water Rat sounds some whatt cool.

So then, what does this Year of the Rooster have in store for a Wood Ox? Well, quoting directly from – where the horoscopes are simple and the English a little odd…

The overview tells that this will be a year of “extreme fortune changes” – something either very good or very bad will occur. Oh no… More details follow:

Wealth Prospects – I will make money as long as I invest wisely. I will have “lots of investment opportunities as long as I am not greedy”.

Career Prospects – No problems here. Slow and steady. Is there ever a work-related problem for the “stable and tough” ox?

Romance Prospects – My horoscope claims that I must have already “married and settled down”, what with me being a near middle-aged Ox. Hmm. However, I should communicate a little more to avoid “worsening relationships.”

Health Prospects – This is the best bit. Due to “frequent social engagements” I will “gain weight due to surfeit and should pay attention to digestive health.”

So apparently the worst that will occur in 2017 is I’ll put on a bit of weight. So much for ‘extreme fortune changes’. It’s almost as if they wanted to hook me in with an unnerving tagline then wrote what they knew I wanted to hear… It’s almost as if horoscopes – Chinese or otherwise – might be a load of tosh.

Anyway, this is the only time of year in which I cast my eyes to the skies to see my future. If you are really serious about your Chinese horoscope – you can pay attention to daily, even hourly updates, that will signpost good days or times at which to marry, travel and even have a haircut.

I will, though, trust the next 12 months to fate, and wish everyone Many Congratulations and a Prosperous New Year, as they say around here.

Saan Nihn Fai Lohk!!






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