Ding Ding




I took these pictures on my way home from a restaurant last week, and thought it was high time I paid my respects to a Hong Kong institution: the humble tram.

They’ve been rumbling along Hong Kong island since 1904 – which is basically the Hong Kong equivalent of the Jurassic Age – between Kennedy Town and Shau Kei Wan (pulling in at 104 stops on the way). Along with the Star Ferry, which I may pay tribute to in a later post next time I’m feeling sea-worthy, trams are actually quite fun. Maybe it’s the five year old within me, but the way you hear every clang and feel every little jerk and jump on the line is brilliant. Buses and the MTR may be fast, modern and air-conditioned but, in comparison to the tram, ultimately they are soulless tin cans designed to ingest and push out humans as quickly as possible.

So, next time you’re not in a hurry, or not looking for a particularly comfortable ride, and you don’t view air-conditioning as a basic human need, take a tram. Ding-ding, as they say around here…


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