Umbrella Revolution, the View From Mong Kok

Today I visited the protest site in Mong Kok, five minutes from my flat. There are now four main ‘occupied’ areas across the city and, compared to Admiralty, this site is on a slightly smaller scale. But the atmosphere was friendly, the abandoned buses looked slightly surreal and messages of support had been plastered everywhere. The focal point was a make-shift tent where people were invited to share their thoughts and messages of encouragement to the gathering crowds. Someone was even offering students help with their English homework. There wasn’t a policeman in sight…IMG_2140.JPG










  1. roseinshenzhen · October 2, 2014

    Cool! I don’t have my passport while I wait for my new China visa, but I want to come over soon and visit it.

    • whatididinhongkong · October 4, 2014

      Thanks for the comment. You’ll enjoy it – big difference from Shenzhen…!

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