A Warm Welcome Home

On Thursday, I returned to Hong Kong after three weeks away. As I turned the corner back to the flat, sweating with my suitcase in 35+ degree heat, I met an old man with his t-shirt rolled up to just under his moobs (as is the style among men of a certain age in these parts). He was squatting in the street, hammer in hand, bashing away at a rusty old electric fan until it had been transformed in to a pile of bent and buckled parts. What he meant to do with them is anyone’s guess. Further on I saw our local ‘tin-man’: another old man who wanders around with bits of metal attached to his body, including breast plates and a visor over his eyes. As I write this, I can hear from the window another local character serenading us with an angry rant in what I’m guessing is pretty salty Cantonese. Nobody’s listening. Welcome back to Hong Kong.



  1. CrazyChineseFamily · August 31, 2014

    The shirt up to the man boobs seems to be fashion no matter where in China during summer time. Its not just some certain age group, males are doing it in every age. Ive seen little boys doing this as well as grandpas walking with a stick

  2. whatididinhongkong · September 1, 2014

    Yes, you’re right, but there does seem to be a majority of old, chunky men wearing it! Not seen many six-packs…

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