Coloane, Macau


I recently took the short ferry ride from Hong Kong to spend a weekend in Macau – the gambling capital of China. In fact, of the world. But at the south of the territory, away from the razzamatazz and the people, you can still see the Macau of old. Cobbled streets, leafy alleys, colourful churches… It’s all very Portuguese.


Coloane is a tiny village right at the southern tip of the island. It’s separated from mainland China by little more than a river but actually feels slightly forgotten. There’s barely anyone here, even on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and there’s space to move around freely, which isn’t something you can say about the colossal Venetian Hotel, barely over a mile away.



There are a few Chinese style buildings, and temples, dotted around the village. But by and large the architecture is Mediterranean. It’s the sort of place, without descending in to travel brochure cliché, where you feel as if you’ve travelled back in time… So much so that, in the 1st picture, the small statue in front of the yellow church is a memorial to the last pirate attack on the island, back in 1913.




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