Cold Weather Warning


I woke up this morning and foggily reached for my phone. Nothing more than a lazy Sunday morning beckoned. How wrong I was. I bolted upright upon discovering that, during the night, a ‘Cold Weather Warning’ had been issued by the Hong Kong Observatory. How can one enjoy one’s weekend with THAT hanging ominously above one’s head?

Eagle-eyed readers will notice, though, that the temperatures as I write this sit at 15 degrees celcius. Across vast swathes of the world, 15℃ is a ‘nice day’. In the north-east of England, where I used to live, 15℃ is ‘T-Shirt Only’ weather (a sort of unofficial Weather Warning) and the wearing of jumpers, or even of a light cardigan, will cast doubts over your moral fibre.

 What, then, is a ‘Cold Weather Warning’? Well:



My favourite part is the pleading ‘If you must go out (in 15℃!!), please avoid prolonged exposure to wintry winds’, which suggests that the HK Observatory is actually run by a group of over-fussing grandmas. People in the UK, ‘Daily Mail’ readers and the like, complain of a ‘nanny state’. What would they make of this? Surely people who need gentle reminders to not ‘light fires indoors’ (bearing in mind that no house in Hong Kong has a fireplace) shouldn’t be allowed out unsupervised.

The worst part of all this, however, is that later this week, as temperatures dip to a bitter 9 degrees, I will moan that it’s too cold. It’s all relative. I, a Scot, have been here two years and have gone soft.


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