High(er) Rise Hong Kong


I’ve posted a link to an article about this photographer, Michael Wolf, before. And here’s more: Hong Kong in all its high-rise, cramped, claustrophobic splendor. The night scenes are especially good, when the city could almost be called pretty.


Walks 6: Hong Kong Trail Section 6


This particular stroll (and it is a stroll, not one of Hong Kong’s more testing walks) should take a couple of hours: from Quarry Bay on the north of Hong Kong Island to Tai Tam Reservoir in the south. At first, you take section two of the Wilson Trail, away from the hubbub and traffic of Quarry Bay and head up the steep incline of Mount Butler. This section is paved, and usually quite busy, and may well give you the opportunity to witness phenomena unique to hiking trails in Hong Kong: old dears tai chi-ing, young couples dressed for anything but a hike, and old men with transistor radios in their back pockets blasting out Cantonese opera. The Wilson Trail is one of the big cross-territory trails (the Maclehose being the other) reaching right up to the border with China. It’s also one of the world’s few hiking trails to involve a trip on the underground… Only in Hong Kong.



One you reach this totem-pole type thing it means you are at Quarry Gap, and now on the 50 km Hong Kong trail. From here it’s a bit more off-road: around pretty little Tai Tam reservoir. It does end a bit abruptly. Eventually you’ll emerge from the trees like a latter-day Livingstone, on to the road, and realise that you’re done. You can strike on to Section 7, if you’re of the persuasion, or you can catch a bus to Stanley and undo all your good calorie burning with beers by the water.