Something Fishy…


A big part of a trip to one of Hong Kong’s many islands is the smell of dried fish. Well, fish (big and small), prawns, shrimp, squid, starfish, seaweed… all laying out crisping in the sun. These photos are from a variety of places – Cheung Chau, Tai O, Tap Mun – as, without realising it, I seem to have spent large parts of my time in Hong Kong taking pictures of dried seafood. It’s an acquired taste, extremely salty and, inevitably, fishy. OK in small doses, and I’m not in anyway classing it with the dreaded mooncake (see below).



ImageSpeaking of mooncakes, in this last picture you can see hanging on the right some little orange balls. These are the sun-dried egg yolks that you find in the middle of a mooncake. Dried seafood: fine. Dried egg yolks: a clear case of taking things too far.



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