Photo of the Week 8


Plover Cove Reservoir, Pat Sin Leng Country Park



DSC_0558[1] DSC_0557[1]

Apologies if you stumble across this mid-meal, but I need to warn people. Consider this a public service announcement. Especially aimed at people with as sweet-tasting blood as me. This Saturday I was set upon by a swarm of mosquitoes, who took turns ravaging me until they were fit to burst.

Of course, someone as red-headed and fair-skinned as me is to mosquitoes what the golden Mac arches are to a fatty. Hong Kong has a fair few mozzies and I’ve picked up the odd nip here and there. But nothing could prepare me for the assault I was subjected to as I stepped out into Pat Sing Leng country park last weekend. They’d had a heads-up and were waiting for me.

I was wearing repellent, and as soon as they hit pulled out the Tigerbalm, but they persevered through it. My blood is worth suffering for, apparently. The photos above were taken three days after the assault, and perhaps don’t quite do justice to the scale of the horror. This has to rank as my second worst run-in with mosquitoes, ever. The first came in Thailand, a few years ago. After an hour lying reading in a hammock, I started to itch. A few hours later my back looked like this. My colleagues counted 40 plus bites while I lay face down on a desk. Not my most dignified hour.

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