Five Months Later….

I set this blog up four days before I moved to Hong Kong with grand ideas about recording my new life: what I saw, where I went, what I ate, who I met… Five months later and this is my very first post.

It turns out that, following a move to a new country, there’s a fair bit to do. Blogging took a backseat to the thrilling business of opening bank accounts, processing visas, getting ID cards, obtaining a teaching licence, health checks, mobile phone contracts, ransacking IKEA, starting a new job, learning Cantonese and just generally, you know, settling in.

Then, as time went on I began to wonder, if and when I started my blog, who would actually read it? I’ve only moved to Hong Kong. One of the biggest, most international cities on the planet. People have been moving here for decades, centuries even. I can be at a McDonald’s in less than two minutes from where I’m writing this. I’m watching the US Open as I type. I can even buy Irn Bru, for God’s sake. It’s just like home! I am not squatting in a mud hut in the Congo or shivering half way up a mountain in Tibet. Who would honestly be interested in my ‘experiences’?

So, the blog was shelved until now. I’ve decided to start writing it for me, basically. I know that when (if?) I ever leave Hong Kong I’ll regret not having recorded it in some way. If somebody happens to read it – then even better.

I also feel like I’ve settled in. I’ve just started my second term at work and, more importantly, I’ve recently joined the local library. You haven’t really moved somewhere until you’ve joined a library. Following that, I knew it was time to start a blog.



  1. Stephanie · January 29, 2013

    How are the libraries there? I’m from the US, so I don’t even know how they work in the UK, but are they any different from the library system in your home country?

  2. whatididinhongkong · February 2, 2013

    Pretty much the same, and a lot more English books than I was expecting! Even in the ‘regional’ libraries… Thanks for your comment!

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